Helsinki International Kino Kabaret

Helsinki International Kino Kabaret will be organised for the ninth time in Helsinki 9.-17.8. Kino Euphoria brings together filmmakers and enthusiasts from around the world to make short films together. Application deadline 8.4.!

No previous experience is required from participants, just a passion to make films and/or an interest to make them collaboratively with like-minded people. Kino Kabaret is aimed to people 18 years and over (K-18).

The event is not a competition nor a battle against time. Our aim is to create new collaborations and experiment in new fields and methods of filmmaking. We may not have a shiny budget, but we have each other to create what we want. Anything can – and will – happen. Our general working language is English, however, each working group can decide for themselves what language they speak in their shoot.

We strive to be a platform of peer learning where people can learn from each other. We practice safer spaces in our workshop with zero tolerance to harassment.

Helsinki International Kino Kabaret

This year the event will be a little different – the Kino Lab is going to be held in a more secluded spot in the forest of east Helsinki called Meriharju (or Meriharjun luontotalo, The Nature House of Meriharju).

Since the location is smaller it won’t fit as many participants as in the previous years. Therefore the registration goes as follows:

– 25.2.-8.4. is the application period.
– Participants are selected anonymously and selections are announced 19.4.
– In case of cancellations an opening list will open 1.5.

Kino Kabaret is aimed to people 18 years and older (K-18).

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Helsinki International Kino Kabaret
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