Join the creation of a short film in Iceland

Icelandic-Finnish short film Turn is looking for Finnish crew members to join the team. If you’re a sound recordist, sound designer or color grader and under 30 years of age, APPLY NOW. Deadline 15.10.!

The short film Turn is a creative project made and produced by young Icelandic and Finnish creatives. The concept and plot of the film is based on Icelandic Folklore where elves are believed to live in rocks all over the country, sometimes wrecking havoc and known for trying to trick people by seducing them to join them with for instance food. They are also known for being on crossroads on certain times of the year as well as replacing individuals and making people crazy. They are generally rather vicious and jealous of humans as they are portrayed in old sayings and the Icelandic folklore generally.

The project is realised by Euphoria Borealis and Icelandic NyArk Media.

The film received an Erasmus+ grant in early 2017 to enable the young creatives of Finland and Iceland to collaborate together. Turn will be shot in late November in Northern Iceland, with post production taking place in winter-spring 2018.

The main objective of the project is to establish a co-operation in order for all participants to gain experience on international co-productions and develop future projects and grow the network of young film makers filmmaking industry in each country. We want to learn together in a concrete manner, while actually making a short film.

The project is now looking for 2-3 more crew members from Finland to join the team:

Sound recordist
– Sound designer
– Color grading

! One person can apply for both of these roles as well !

The project covers travels and accommodation to the shooting in Iceland or travel during post production. There is also a small compensation for your work in the budget.

How to apply?

Requirements: You must be a resident of Finland and under 30 years of age.

Send your CV and short motivation letter written in English to the Finnish producer Emilia Haukka at by October 15th 2017. Mark clearly which position you are interested in.


The final selection is made by 20th October together with the Icelandic producer Anna Olafsdottir and the director of the film Sesselia Olafsdottir.

Contact for more information:

Emilia Haukka,